Smaato and Alcatel-Lucent Partner to Cut App Development Costs

Mobile ad optimizer and advertising company Smaato is teaming up with Alcatel-Lucent to deliver what it says is the industry's first packaged API (Application Programming Interfaces) bundles, to simplify and reduce the cost of application development.
Providing an advertising API within Alcatel-Lucents larger bundled set of APIs for app developers,  Smaato is participating in a new industry revenue-sharing model that it says radically transforms application innovation, by eliminating upfront costs for developers, extending application reach, and opening new revenue opportunities for developers and service providers alike.
“We welcome the pioneering social API initiative of Alcatel-Lucent to provide more upside for developers to reach better monetization through mobile advertising and added targeting value, such as location,” says Smaato CEO, Ragnar Kruse. We are proud our SOMA mobile advertising platform supporting Android and iPhone is already implemented to help mobile publishers maximize their impact on mobile audiences through value added services.
Smaato is joining other enterprises participating in Alcatel-Lucents delivery of API bundles that collectively includes SMS, advertising, location, virtual goods, credit card and billing. The bundling targets the 14 million-plus developers worldwide, and the two fastest growing and increasingly profitable application markets today: mobile advertising and virtual goods. Recent industry research suggests mobile advertising will exceed $3 billion by 2013 and that today's virtual goods market is worth between $4-6 billion globally.
The bundled API offering is part of a larger push by Alcatel-Lucent to give developers the ability to use the service provider network as a development platform in the same way they currently build applications for mobile devices and the web.
The bundles provide developers with immediate, pre-integrated access to broad application capabilities, without having to understand the underlying application or network APIs, says Redg Snodgrass, Senior Director, Strategic Developer Alliances at Alcatel-Lucent. In addition, developers are able to make API calls without upfront cost, and instead share revenue on the back-end when applications using the APIs actually make money. Service providers and third party API providers also get a cut of revenue when their APIs are accessed.
Developers can access the bundles through Alcatel-Lucents developer community.