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Smaato Unveils iPad SDK

David Murphy

Mobile ad optimization firm Smaato has released a new version of its iSOMA SDK (Software Development Kit) for iPad applications and mobile websites.
The iSOMA for iPad SDK will support multiple new ad formats, including the Internet Advertising Bureaus Universal Ad Package (UAP). The SDK also supports the Mobile Marketing Associations mobile ad formats, including new, rich media banner formats that are emerging from Smaatos 36 ad network partners.
There is a lot of excitement in the mobile publishing market about the iPad and new features in the upcoming iPhone OS 4.0 release, says Smaato CEO & Co-Founder. Ragnar Kruse. We are happy to continue our support for the iPhone platform and the iPad as the new addition to mobile device choices.
Apples iPad is a hybrid mobile device that is expected to be heavily used to surf the web, access media application, and play with mobile entertainment offerings. First applications and media offerings from publishers of TIME, Wall Street Journal and the New York Times are using a blend of new innovative advertising formats that add multimedia functions, like video and sound.
Smaato Advanced Mobile Analytics will be included in the iPad SDK 1.0. This provides a comprehensive set of tools that enable mobile publishers to optimize their inventory for the iPad to maximize user experience and insights. Smaato will make the new iSOMA for iPad version available for free download with registration on the sign-up portal.
Smaato notes that better options for iSOMA mobile advertising functions are now available with the multitasking and background functions in the new tentpoles of the iPhone 4.0 OS. This will make easier interaction available for cross-platform, mobile-branded landing pages, because the user flow while in an app is not disconnected the app can stay open in the background. This will allow similar mobile advertising features to those offered by Apples iAd mobile advertising platform unveiled yesterday.