Smart and Secure

Paragon Software Group has released Handy Phoneguard for S60, a Smartphone protection solution that allows the phones data to be locked or completely wiped to prevent unauthorized access and use.
Paragon notes that statistics shows that almost half of all crimes committed in the street are mobile device theft. In addition, many people accidentally leave their phone in a store, on a school desk or in a taxi. With any of these scenarios, there is the possibility that someone will steal sensitive data, and use the phone under the owners service plan, running up a large phone bill that the owner might be responsible for.
Handy Phoneguard protects the data stored on the S60 device. Handy Phoneguard allows users to configure the S60 Smartphone to automatically lock after a certain period of time. To eliminate the risk of unauthorized data usages, the application applies password protection to chosen folders, such as Calendar, Contacts, Log, Messages, Photos, etc.). If the device is lost or stolen, the owner can block access to applications or folders by sending a LOCK command, or wipe the data by texting WIPE. 
Handy Phoneguard is available to download here.