Smart Office 1.5 Integrates Dropbox Cloud File Hosting

Picsel has updated its Smart Office app to version 1.5. The revamp features an alternative user interface for tablet devices, along with new viewing and editing features, and Dropbox integration.

Picsel Smart Office 1.5 allows users to save files automatically onto Dropboxs cloud hosting service. These files can be shared across multiple computers. You can also now Save As within the app, allowing users to rename files and save them to new locations.

Picsel UKs CEO Imran Khand says: “Consumers are no longer happy just to be able to store their documents in the cloud and access them from their computers; they want to view and edit these files from their mobile as well, so we added this functionality to the application.”

A new thumbnail view helps users identify recent documents, while a Recent documents option allows for quick access to recent files, regardless of where they have been saved.

In terms of document editing, Smart Office 1.5 allows for inline editing of text in Word and PowerPoint documents, and an Excel function picker that allows you to choose spreadsheet functions from more than 100 preset options. Users can now also manage PowerPoint slides on their phone or tablet with Smart Office. Picsel Smart Office 1.5 is available for the Apple App Store, Android Market, Samsung Apps, Ovi by Nokia and Vodafone 360, with prices starting at £5.99.

Separately, Picsel UK has also announced that Smart Office will be rolled out onto handsets through a distribution deal with NHN in Korea. Picsel Smart Office will be embedded into NHNs N Drive service, which allows users to store their documents on an online virtual hard drive.