SmartFocus Acquires TagPoints and Content Savvy

smartfocus beaconContextualised messaging company SmartFocus has bought beacon startup TagPoints and social media analyser Content Savvy.

The acquisitions are part of the companys strategy to develop the UKs first fully context aware digital and mobile marketing system, and hopes to use the two companies to help build an ecosystem that will support this. The terms of the acquisitions have not been disclosed, although as part of the deal, TagPoints co-founder Jess Stephens has been appointed as the new Chief Marketing Officer at SmartFocus.

TagPoints, which oversaw the first installation of beacons into a UK shopping centre, has become an established lead in proximity marketing, while Content Savvy uses a combination of natural language processing and machine language technology to follow and accurately interpret media channels, giving marketers an unprecedented capacity to engage with customers.

“These acquisitions represent a tipping point in moving the company from being a key player in email marketing to an innovator in messaging and communication across multiple platforms –which is what all marketers want to today,” said Rob Mullen, CEO of SmartFocus. “In the age of The Internet of Everything, a key challenge for brands is the need to personalise and contextualise consumer behaviour. One aspect of this is location-based information – a problem that TagPoints solves – while Content Savvy offers the ability to accurately monitor, digest and analyse whats being said away from the store.

“Bringing TagPoints and Content Savvy in-house gives us dynamic, on-open optimisation capabilities. Marketers can analyse big data from all these sources to discover previously unrecognised patterns of behaviour and more accurately predict future patterns based on a thorough analysis of the data. Were now at the stage of being able to provide a truly omni-channel marketing solution.”