SmartMedia Technologies partners with W1 Curates for phygital’ activation to celebrate Art Basel 2023.

Enterprise Web3 platform, SmartMedia Technologieshas partnered with W1 Curates, the worlds largest digital art gallery for a ‘phygital’ activation to celebrate Art Basel 2023.

Starting on 1 December, the art experience will fuse digital and physical elements together into one seamless experience, curated by Sarah Masaki. The event will unveil the first US screening of the worlds most exclusive collection of privately owned NFTs, which have a total value of $200-400m and represent the combined collections of Cozomo de Medici and 33NFT, owner of the $69m Beeple NFT purchased at Christies last year.

The experience launches with a VIP preview evening hosted by the Bagatelle Group, where a collection of large-scale sculptures and paintings by artists Michael Benisty, Eva Lanska, Noah Becker, Lauren Baker, Maxim Zhestkov and others will be displayed throughout the Bagatelle restaurant. The experience’s Digital Wallet offers attendees the opportunity to buy digital versions of the art through an exclusive NFT marketplace, powered by SMT technology, enabling guests to own digital versions of the globally acclaimed artists’ work, many for the first time ever.

Digital Wallet holders will also be able to take place in a virtual AR treasure hunt to identify and collect prizes, including an all-expenses paid champagne dinner for two at the Bagatelle, hidden throughout the property; win a year’s access to the W1 Curates arts space, the largest digital gallery in the world; and donate to United24, in support of Ukrainian-relief efforts.

“This one-of-a-kind immersive experience was developed for Bagatelle visitors to celebrate the art on display in the physical location, digitally,” said Constance Nacfaire de Saint Paulet, Bagatelle CMO. “SMT’s seamless solutions give life to a whole new way of connecting with our customers. To enhance real life with digital activations provides an unparalleled guest experience cultivating deeper engagement and loyalty.”