Smartphone Boom Powers Abphone Growth

A study carried out by Openwave Analytics has revealed that traffic to the Abphone mobile entertainment search engine in S. Africa reaches a third of Googles mobile search traffic in the country. The study also concludes that content search is ranked in the top three most popular mobile Internet categories, after social networks and operator portals.
This figure corroborates our estimations for all the countries where Abphone is present, says Abphon CEO, Pierre Scokaert.
The boom in Smartphones has recently boosted Abphone usage. 77% of Abphone users in France, have a Smartphone (mostly iPhones), while in Great Britain its 74%, in S.Africa, 66%, in the US, 47%, and in India, 42%.
Smartphone owners use Abphone twice as much as those with feature phones, says Pierre Scokaert. As the market share of Smartphones increases, so does usage of Abphone.
Abphones ad-funded mobile entertainment search service aims to deliver the best content the web has to offer, specifically reformatted for viewing on a mobile screen. Whatever their topic of interest, Abphone users can trigger the service to create a custom multimedia portal on the fly.
Today, Abphone registers 1 million hours of service usage each month, with 1 million unique visitors, and an average of 10 visits per user. The company says the main reason for its popularity is word-of-mouth among young people.