Smartphone Prospects Analyzed

Portio Research has released its report, Smartphone Futures, 2009-2014. The report examines the evolving worldwide mobile handset industry and the rapid growth of the Smartphone segment. The report forecasts future growth and also segments the industry today, looking at how the market has performed in 2009 and at how things might develop in 2010. The report notes that Smartphones will account for 13.8% of total worldwide handset shipments during 2009, and that this figure looks set to grow to 24.9% by the end of 2014.
Smartphone shipments are expected to grow at an impressive CAGR of 18.5% during 2009-2014, compared to a forecast CAGR of only 5.3% for the broader overall mobile handset market. It looks at the competitive strengths and weaknesses of the major vendors, including the broader smartphone eco-system. It considers key devices, the success of app stores, operating systems and OS market share and how these key elements come together. The report also includes vendor profiling and SWOT analysis of major players, including Apple, RIM, Palm and HTC.
The report offers full 5-year market forecasts for the overall handset market and for the Smartphone market; an analysis of app store growth, and of the major vendors and their market strengths and weaknesses. Vendor market share and Smartphone shipments are also analyzed, by region.
Theres more information about the report here.