Smartphone Shopping Grows 4x in Two Years

The number of smartphone owners using their phone to shop has quadrupled since June 2010, according to the latest mCommerce study from eDigitalResearch and Portaltech Reply. 64 per cent of smartphone owners are now using their mobile devices to shop.

The study also found that 84 per cent of smartphone owners have used their devices to browse websites, with 33 per cent doing so on a daily basis, while 77 per cent are using their smartphones to research products. The study also reveals that mobile shopping’s growth shows no signs of slowing down. 44 per cent of the smartphone owners surveyed said that they would use their devices to browse more in the coming months, with 31 per cent saying that they would go on to make a purchase.

Shopping via a mobile site remains more popular than shopping on a mobile app, although the fact transactional apps are still a key future development for some retailers should be taken into consideration. The study also found that security, clear navigational links and quick browsing remain key features for mobile shoppers, who rate functionality and usability higher than branding and design.

“Three years ago, we were just at the outset of the mobile revolution, and this latest research proves conclusively that the excitement and expectation around how mobile would change eCommerce was not exaggerated,” says Portaltech Reply partner, Mark Adams. “Smartphone use as a shopping tool has become mainstream, and the arrival of 4G and better connected retail outlets will further drive smartphone engagement in the multi-channel shopping experience. I believe we will see a greater use of mobile and Tablet applications to support the in-store browsing, sharing and purchasing demands of the mobile 2.0 consumer.”

eDigitalResearch and Portaltech Reply have been tracking the growth of mobile commerce with consumers since June 2010. The original results found that, whilst mCommerce was still in its infancy, mobile shopping was likely to play an increasingly important role in multichannel purchasing.

You can download a copy of the companies’ whitepaper, The Role of Mobile in Retail Commerce: May 2012, here.