Smartphone Wedding

That’s it from us for this week. As our UK readers will realise, there’s a bit of a do going on in town tomorrow, some young couple tying the knot, and the powers that be have decided that the country should take a day off, throw a party, and generally kick back. And who are we to argue with a Royal Decree?

I wasn’t planning to watch the wedding ceremony myself, but I think I may tune in just to see if the TV cameras catch anyone trying to check the news or put out a Tweet on their smartphone while the happy couple are making their vows. It has to be a fairly safe bet that one of the celebrities invited to attend the ceremony will.

It’s been a short week, and next week is the same deal, with Monday also a Bank Holiday in the UK, so for those of you who subscribe to our e-newsletter, you’ll receive it next Thursday, rather than Wednesday, as indeed you did today. (If you don’t currently receive our newsletter, you can sign up for it using the link top right of the page. You won’t regret it – every week, you get our pick of the top 10 stories from the past seven days.)

We’ll be back bright and early Tuesday morning, by which point, hopefully, the UK will be Bank Holidayed out and we can all get used to doing a proper week’s work again. If it’s a long weekend where you are, enjoy it. And if it’s not, you’re in the wrong country…

David Murphy