Smartwatch Shipments Are Up 60 Per Cent – or Down 52 Per Cent, Depending on Who You Ask

Alex Spencer

Apple-Watches.pngThe number of smartwatches shipped in Q3 2016 exceeded 6.1m, an increase of 60 per cent, according to a Canalys report.

That's in contrast to a report released less than two weeks ago by rival analyst IDC, which showed a 51.6 per cent decrease in smartwatch shipments for the same period, down to 2.7m.

This is something Canalys acknowledges in its announcement of the figures, which pointedly mentions 'despite reports to the contrary'.


One thing that both reports do agree on is the market leader. According to Canalys, Apple shipped 2.8m Watches in Q3, giving it a market share of 45.6 per cent. According to IDC, shipments stood at 1.1m, a 41.3 per cent share, a drop of 71.6 per cent year-on-year – though it is worth noting that the second-generation Apple Watch was only released in the final two weeks of Q3.

“The iPhone’s slowing momentum has affected consumer interest in Apple’s smartwatch and the company needs to improve Watch sales in major markets outside of the US, especially China,” said Canalys analyst Jason Low, noting that that the overall Chinese smartwatch market has grown by 42 per cent year-on-year.