Smirnoff ices out US landmarks in new campaign amid music festival season

Smirnoff Ice has unveiled a new campaign centred around the message that “Smirnoff Ice Surpr-ices are coming” in time for festival season.

As a result, the Diageo-owned brand has “iced out” several famous U.S. landmarks, including Venice Beach Skate Park and Chicago’s Riverwalk.

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Included in the campaign is a new national TV commercial and digital spots starring Trevor Noah and actor Travis Bennett.

In the advert, directed by Spike Lee, Noah says that “brunch is just a lunch that doesn’t believe in itself,” announcing that a “surpr-ice” is needed before the brunch turns into a party complete with Smirnoff Ice while Bennett plays as a DJ. 

Noah said: “I’m excited to be partnering with Smirnoff ICE again. We had a blast filming these spots and it’s gonna be fun getting to introduce the world of Smirnoff ICE Surpr-ICEs.”

Smirnoff Ice Brand Director, Lisa Lee, added: “One thing we can all agree on is life is better when there’s a fun surprise added to the day so when we noticed life just isn’t full of them anymore, we wanted to do something about it.

“So this summer, we’re bringing Smirnoff ICE Surpr-ICES back in unexpected ways across culture to offer lighthearted fun to our fans regardless of whether they’re attending a festival or hanging out at home with friends.”