SMS and MMS Usage Still Rising, Says MDA

The Mobile Data Association (MDA) has unveiled its quarterly research findings for UK mobile phone activity from July – September 2008 for text messaging (SMS) and picture and video messaging (MMS). The quarterly guide provides analysis of current, historical and seasonal trends and growth factors based on the Network Operators actual usage figures.
New devices and an ever growing variety of mobile applications have driven overall growth figures in 2008, the MDA reports. SMS (text) growth continues apace, with Britons sending 6.58 billion texts in Q3 2008, a 38% increase on the Q3 2007 figure of 4.8 billion. On average, Britons sent 60 million more messages a day in Q3 08, compared to Q3 07.
Picture Messaging is also on the up, with 45.36 million MMS messages sent in Q3 08, a 20% increase on the Q3 07 figure of 37.83 million. This equates to 1.5 million picture and video messages per day, 250,000 more (per day), than in Q3 07.
Our usage figures highlight the UKs continued enthusiasm and appetite for mobile phones, says MDA Chairman, Steve Reynolds. The mobile landscape is constantly evolving. New mobile phones, with easy to use software, and creative tariffs from the mobile networks, are encouraging people of all ages to use more of their functionality from music, video and pictures to email communications and now GPS and mapping on the move.
Reynolds adds that the MDA is working closely with the mobile operators to provide future reports that will identify, in detail, the many different ways in which consumers are using their mobile phones.
Well be looking specifically at trends in mobile Internet usage and comparing business and consumer uses, he says. These trends are important for the whole industry to see; there remains a hunger for market data and industry intelligence. Like economic forecasting, the data provides the clues and indicators to new directions and growth areas.
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