SMS is Best, Survey Finds

Mobile marketers believe that SMS messaging campaigns are the most effective channel for communicating with consumers. Thats the conclusion of a survey commissioned by email and marketing solutions provider ExactTarget and carried out by Forrester Consulting.
Forrester surveyed 312 marketing decision-makers and 760 Internet users in August. 74% of marketers said they preferred to use SMS messaging as a marketing tool, while 44% of consumers surveyed said they would rather receive product information and other marketing messages through SMS campaigns than via any other channel. The findings of the study also suggest that companies in the UK are the best in the world at using multi-channel marketing to develop a relationship with potential customers.
UK marketers are harnessing the power of multi-channel messaging more frequently and effectively than marketers in any other country, says ExactTarget Co-founder, Peter McCormick.
The full details of the research are available in a Whitepaper titled Strategy Meets Customer Expectations which can be downloaded here.