SMS - The Route to Success

David Murphy

Keys, purse/wallet, phone. The mobile is now ranked amongst our most loved and required items. It’s with us everywhere: when we sleep, when we walk the dog, when we're out for a romantic dinner-date with our spouse. It is this personal relationship we have with our phones that makes targeting them so attractive to businesses. But how do we use it effectively to actually build our businesses? Here are few starting points to help your business use SMS text marketing to increase revenues.

Offer a valuable service
Offering a clear and service-oriented message is one way to start building your mobile database. Customers value these kinds of messages more than 'marketing' messages, so they are mutually beneficial to both business and customer.

Because no-shows and late arrivals directly impact profit (and customer satisfaction), a simple SMS text message reminder helps reduce no-shows and improves customer satisfaction. Plus, SMS messages are opened over 95 per cent of the time, so you know your message is almost guaranteed to be read. Example: X-Salon Reminder - your wash and trim appointment with Tasha is tomorrow at 10am. See you then, or call us now on 09876543210 to reschedule.

Event announcements and reminders, ticket releases, special product announcements and other service-type messages are equally effective ways to improve your sales conversions, keep customers coming back, and give them a reason to recommend your business.

Give special discounts
Survey after survey confirms that a majority of young adults (18-24 year-olds) will happily exchange their mobile number with a company in return for discount offers. Offering a preferential rate, a special discount or mobile coupon code is one of the most popular ways for businesses to generate footfall in-store and to reward mobile customers. SMS text message service providers have sophisticated tools to help manage generated codes that stop customers from sending a discount to all their friends without losing the benefit to you of adding more mobile numbers to your database. Looked at another way, creating an offer that gets shared among friends is also a good way to improve awareness and generate more leads. Plan your offer carefully, in line with your business and marketing plans.

Allow membership renewal via mobile
Any membership business can improve subscriber retention by using SMS marketing alongside a solid email marketing plan. Because over 95 per cent of SMS messages are read, the immediacy and action-oriented ability of the SMS technology gives businesses an effective platform to increase renewals. It also offers customers a valuable service, reminding them when subscriptions are due. Adding the option to renew with a simple reply to your text message benefits both you and the customer with speed and ease of payment. Example: Your annual subscription to ABCMagazine is due. Reply with 'renew' to confirm your renewal with the payment information we have on record.

By sticking to a service-first mindset, you are sure to succeed in getting customers to hand over their mobile number and help them improve your revenues too.


Pavel Webb is affiliate manager at TextMagic