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Snack Media and Absolute Radio Team Up for Twitter Football First

Kirsty Styles

Football fans will be able to take part in the first ever stadium social in the UK this weekend.

Snack Media, the sports content and digital publishing of Sports Revolution, and Absolute Radio are using Twitter to connect fans across 16 stadiums with Ian Wright’s Rock and Roll Football premiership radio show.

TV screens installed in the concourses will display the hashtag #tellwrighty, with the Sports Revolution team asking a series of questions for the audience to answer on their phones during the game. Many tweets will be read out live on air and displayed on the stadium networks – provided they get past the moderators.

Snack Media runs 80 sports fan sites, including will be advertised during Rock ‘n’ Roll Football and the radio show will receive in-stadia advertising, including on Jumbo Screens and the concourse TV network.

“We are excited to be the first brand in the UK to reach our audience in football stadia via Twitter," said Laura Tannenbaum, brand marketing manager at Absolute Radio. "We have a track record of media innovation, finding exciting new ways to connect with our listeners and where better to engage football fans with our football show than directly in the grounds themselves.”

The campaign runs until January and the screens will then be available for new brand partnerships.