Snap launches new brand safety solutions in partnership with IAS

Snap has launched new brand safety solutions in partnership with Integral Ad Science (IAS).

The partnership will give advertisers transparency into the percentage of safe and suitable content their ads are appearing against.

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As a result, the platform is offering advertisers brand safety controls at the campaign level when launching new projects.

This first-party tool will ensure advertisers that their ads are shown alongside only the premiere content on our platform, specifically for creator mid-roll ads.

To provide advertisers with more control when placing ads in Creator Stories, which was launched last year, the company has created a brand safety tool that will give advertisers the choice to add an extra layer of protection.

When the filter is turned on, ads will appear near content that has passed additional brand safety content moderation filters.

Otherwise, ads will be shown next to all available inventory.

Further enhancements to the solution will also be released in the coming months, the social media platform revealed.

IAS CEO, Lisa Utzschneider, said: “We are excited to partner with Snap to deliver best-in-class measurement solutions for marketers to safeguard and scale their businesses on Snapchat. Snap is focused on developing ad offerings in a premium and safe content ecosystem, and our partnership will give advertisers actionable data to maximise their investment across Snapchat.”

Snap’s UK Business Solutions Director, Fintan Gillespie, added: “Through partnering with IAS, we’re delighted to offer our advertisers an extra layer of brand safety and suitability on Snapchat. These initial results showcase just how brand safe our platform is and we’re excited to continue investing in products and services that enhance this.”

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