Snap launches Extended Play Commercials, with a maximum 3-minute run time

David Murphy

In September Snap introduced a suite of new video ad formats, including a skippable Snap Ad unit up to three minutes long.
Today, the company has launched a similar, extended format for its non-skippable, premium content ads (aka Commercials).

Until now, Commercials have only existed as 6-second, non-skippable video ads that run in Discover Shows. The new ad unit, known as Extended Play Commercials, maintains the 6-second non-skippable format, but gives advertisers the ability to extend the runtime after the initial six-second unskippable section, up to a maximum of three minutes skippable content.

The Extended Play Commercials are now available in closed Beta and whitelisted advertisers can access them in Ads Manager.Any Snapchat advertiser can request access to the Beta from their sales representative.

“We're committed to building high-impact, long-form video ad formats, and Extended Play Commercials are a great option for online video and TV buyers,” said David Roter, VP of global agency partnerships. “Heading into the holidays, this format is a powerful new way to reach our Gen Z and Millennial audience in Snapchat's premium, brand safe Discover content."