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Snap partners with Smartly to scale up social advertising

David Murphy

Snap is partnering with Smartly to enable brands to leverage the social advertising automation platform’s tools and services to scale their advertising on Snapchat. These include creative automation, hyper-localization, campaign optimization and reporting and automated workflows.

"We're thrilled to partner with Smartly" said David Roter, VP of global agency partnerships at Snap. "By combining the power of our global performance products with Smartly's automation capabilities, we are unlocking a wealth of impactful, high-performance opportunities for advertisers everywhere. We've seen incredible results for advertisers on our platform, and we look forward to more highly successful campaigns as advertisers use Smartly's tools and technology to further optimize and scale their Snapchat activity."

Direct response advertising has almost doubled as a share of Snap’s revenue over the past two years. Snap has also recently introduced products such as Dynamic Ads and Lens Web Builder, which offer brands new ways to scale and drive impact with ease and flexibility.