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Snap reportedly developing a second edition of its Snapchat Spectacles

Tyrone Stewart

Snapchat SpectaclesSnap is developing a second version of its Spectacles after dropping the first version in Europe for the first time earlier this month.

The first edition of Spectacles first went on sale in the US in the last few months of last year – retailing at $129.99 (£104.16 at the time) – before arriving in the UK and Europe for £129.99 and €149.99 respectively.

Now, a second generation of the video-recording glasses is said to be in production, according to TechCrunch, citing a source with knowledge of the plans. In addition, according to a patent application from the tech company, the second generation glasses are likely to feature built-in AR. It’s also important to note that Snap could also be lining up AR helmets and AR visors, according to the patent filing.

It’s likely the built-in AR feature will encompass everything that the Snapchat app already has with its World Lenses feature – that was launched back in April. The filter places 3D live filters into the user’s surrounding world through the rear-facing camera on smartphones.

Snap may also be looking to create a Snapchat drone after it quietly acquired small drone manufacturer Ctrl Me Robotics for less than $1m.

If all this comes to fruition, we could be expecting a whole host of products to help people capture the perfect ‘Snap’.