Snap reportedly lining up dual-camera Spectacles

Tyrone Stewart
Snap Spectacles

Snap is reportedly lining up a new version of its Spectacles glasses by the end of the year – this time with two cameras and at an increased price.

The third edition of Spectacles feature a new design featuring a frame made of aluminium with cameras that are capable of producing augmented reality (AR) effects in videos, reports Cheddar, citing people familiar with the planned product. The AR glasses, which have been codenamed ‘Newport’ internally, will cost $350 – more than double the price of the first iteration released back in 2016.

With the introduction of two cameras, it’s said that the Snapchat app will be able to overlay AR lenses and create 3D-like photo effects on videos taken with the new Spectacles.  

It’s reported that Snap has learnt from previous mistakes in overestimating demand and choose to only make around 24,000 pairs of its new dual-camera glasses. The first edition of the Spectacles resulted in a $40m write-down for Snap – after it ordered around 800,000 pairs but, 11 months later, had only sold around 150,000 units. For the second iteration, released seven months ago, Snap was more conservative, ordering 35,000 pairs and an additional 52,000 of a modified version in September.