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FCC filing confirms that second edition Snap Spectacles on the way

Tyrone Stewart

Snap Snapchat SpectaclesSnap, the parent company of Snapchat, could be lining up the release of the second generation of its Spectacles wearable glasses, if a FCC filing is anything to go by.

The filing, which was first spotted by Variety, refers to a ‘Model 002’ of a ‘wearable video camera’. Other than that, it’s pretty short on details.

The filing doesn’t include any images of the new device or a user manual to give us a little more insight, due to a confidentiality request from Snap. What we do know is that the new version of the glasses will support 802.11ac wi-fi and Bluetooth 4.2, and the device will once again come with a charging case and cable.

Word of Snap’s intentions to create the second edition of its Spectacles first arose back in June 2017. According to a patent filing at the time, it appears that the glasses will likely have built-in AR. In addition, the filing revealed that Snap could working on AR helmets and AR visors.