Snap and Snowflake launch partnership to mitigate signal loss

Snap has been announced as a key mobile platform partner for Snowflake’s Marketing Data Cloud to bring advertisers encrypted, privacy-safe, and effective ad solutions and signal measurement.

This will enable Snowflake customers to seamlessly share targeting and conversion data, which they can use to optimise their Snapchat campaigns and ultimately drive better, ROI-optimal outcomes for their business.

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According to the ex-social media platform, the partnership allows brands to easily and securely share their data without sacrificing control, all in a highly governed and privacy-preserving environment.

Meanwhile, the collaboration will roll out in the coming months and allow Snowflake clients to quickly implement Snap’s Conversions API (CAPI) signal solution without needing to build a bespoke back-end integration.

Snowflake Head of Product Management for Snowflake Marketing Data Cloud, Onil Gunawardana, said: “The Snowflake Marketing Data Cloud offers marketers a robust platform to build their enterprise marketing data foundation and enter the era of first-party data confidently.”

“This integration with Snap empowers marketers to navigate privacy-first marketing without sacrificing advertising effectiveness.”

The platform also revealed its partnership with AppsFlyer on an advanced privacy-centric measurement solution.

This partnership enables the platform’s advertisers to gain a better understanding of Snap’s performance within Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) attribution for their iOS campaigns.

Snap added: “We are confident that these partnerships and improvements will help advertisers protect against signal loss and drive results through their campaigns. We are committed to helping advertisers reach their performance goals and look forward to sharing more updates along the way.”