SnapCell Launches Video Relationship Marketing App

snapcellVideo is an increasingly central part of many marketing efforts, as leaps forward in technology enable businesses and consumers alike to access video content like never before. One company taking advantage of this sea change is SnapCell, a video relationship marketing firm.

The company has developed an app that enables businesses to effectively reach out to customers and respond to enquiries with attention-grabbing, engaging videos. Employees using SnapCell are empowered to build rapport and establish trust with customers, with a view to increasing conversion rates, enhancing customer retention and improving customer service.

The innovative recording technology enables individual employees to create professional-quality videos, introducing themselves and their products or answering customer enquiries, which can then be shared via email or SMS.

Once received, customers can access the video, which is presented within a company-branded template that includes the employees contact information. The technology is especially powerful for sales-oriented businesses where building a personal relationship with customers is crucial.

The app is supported by a reporting system that enables employees to monitor the delivery status of their videos while also providing management personnel with the ability to oversee outgoing videos.

The company is predominantly targeting automotive businesses in the US at the moment, and has seen great success among car dealerships who have been able to target new consumers and maintain close relationships with customers after sales. However, as video becomes the norm for marketing, the company said it can see its app being deployed across multiple sectors.