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Snapchat Accused of Faking Growth Numbers by Ex-employee

Tyrone Stewart


Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel

A former Snapchat employee is alleging that Snapchat has been faking growth numbers to boost its value ahead of its long-anticipated IPO.

In a complaint for ‘misrepresentation preventing former employee from obtaining employment’, to the Superior Court of California, Anthony Pompliano claims that Snapchat lured him away from his previous job at Facebook with false representation of metrics. It is also claimed that ‘the real reason Snapchat hired Mr. Pompliano away from Facebook was not to build a growth team, but for the nefarious purpose of obtaining Facebook’s confidential and proprietary information’. It is unclear at this time what falsities Snapchat are accused of due to redaction.

It is claimed that Pompliano’s speaking out against Snapchat’s alleged wrongdoing lost him his job just three weeks into his time there and is said to have ruined his reputation.

The lawsuit reads: “As a result of his abrupt and wrongful terminations by Snapchat, Mr. Pompliano has been deprived of his position as growth lead, his salary, and his Snapchat stock. Mr. Pompliano’s wrongful termination… also caused serious and irreparable damage to his professional reputation”.

“For example, Mr. Pompliano was in talks with a major social media company about a [sic] filling a senior executive role with the company,” it continued. “The discussions had advanced considerably and Mr. Pompliano had received glowing feedback… The company, however, abruptly cut off all communications… soon after it contacted Snapchat to inquire into Mr. Pompliano’s short tenure there.”