Snapchat Apposhere study flags differences between most-used social apps

Snapchat UK has released the findings of its Apposphere research, a quantitative and qualitative study of 1,000 app users aged 16-44, carried out by Murphy Research. Focusing on five apps – Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook – it offers insights into why users choose the apps they use; when they spend time on each; and how each app makes them feel.

Looking at the top attribute index scores for each, Snapchat is associated with feeling creative, attractive, flirtatious and silly. For Twitter, it’s anxious, isolated, depressed and guilty (not sure Twitter would agree – Ed.) For YouTube, it’s curious, captivated, excited and informed and for Instagram, it’s inspired, self-conscious, adventurous and creative. For Facebook meanwhile, the top feelings are lonely, informed, self-conscious and isolated.

When asked why they use each app, the top three reasons for Snapchat were: talk to my friends; share photos; and play with lenses/filters. For Twitter, it’s news and current events; follow influencers/celebrities; and follow discussions. For YouTube its to learn about topics of interest; learn about new products; and share videos. For Instagram, to share photos; follow influencers/celebrities; talk to my friends. And for Facebook, to talk to my friends; share photos; and talk to my family.

Snapchat is the app used most on the go (33 per cent), followed by Facebook (29 per cent) and Instagram (25 per cent). It’s also top for ‘hanging out with friends’ on 28 per cent, followed by Instagram (18 per cent) and Facebook (17 per cent). It also tops the ranks for shopping on 14 per cent, followed by Instagram (11 per cent) and Facebook and Twitter (10 per cent each).

Facebook and YouTube are the apps most likely to be used at home (both 78 per cent), followed by Instagram on 70 per cent. Facebook is the app used most ‘while waiting’ on 37 per cent, followed by Instagram (32 per cent) and Snapchat (30 per cent).