Snapchat brings Bitmojis into the real world with 3D lenses

Snapchat Bitmoji World LensesSnapchat is giving Snapchatters the chance to bring their Bitmojis to life, with 3D lenses that provide live filters that can be watched in real-time.

The Bitmoji World Lenses harness the power of Snapchat’s existing World Lenses, which it introduced earlier this year, to enable users to view their Bitmojis in action through the camera within the Snapchat app.

The lenses can be used to show the Bitmoji in a variety of playful situations, and can be interacted with in the same way as World Lenses – with the user able to scale, move or walk around the 3D version of their Bitmoji. These lenses appear in the Lens carousel alongside face and World Lenses.

The 3D Bitmoji creations can be sent directly to friends or posted to a story. They will be available starting tomorrow (15 September) to Snapchatters around the world on both Android and iOS, as long as they’ve created a Bitmoji and have linked their Bitmoji app to Snapchat.