Snapchat Closes Only Paid Service, Focuses on Ads

Alex Spencer

snapchat-combo.jpgSnapchat has closed its only paid product, in favour of an entirely ad-supported model.

Last September, as the messaging app began searching for its monetisation strategy, it introduced its first-ever paid feature: 'unlimited replays', which let users access messages after they had been played and deleted at a cost of $0.99. But the latest Snapchat update makes it so that every snap can be replayed once, with no option – paid or otherwise – to see it again.

This move follows in the footsteps of the Lens store, Snapchat's second attempt to introduce in-app purchases, which opened last November but was shuttered in January. The message seems to be clear – Snapchat isn't interested in its users' money, and plans to rely entirely on ad dollars.

Snapchat has also added a new feature which lets users face-swap with any picture stored on their phone. The results certainly can't be worse than the company's decision to add a Bob Marley filter to its app this week, which was almost immediately criticised as 'digital blackface'.