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Snapchat's new feature chains together Snaps from concerts

Tyrone Stewart

SnapchatSnapchat has introduced a feature that gives fans across the world the chance to experience concerts from the comfort of their own home.

The ‘Crowd Surf’ feature pulls together a curated selection of Snaps, based on their audio and timestamps, to deliver a chronological look at a live event from various perspectives within Our Story. The proprietary machine learning technology was built in-house by Snap’s research team, according to Mashable.

A button at the bottom of the screen enables viewers to watch from different angles and perspectives. Of course, this is only of use if plenty of people are uploading Snaps at the same time from different parts of an event, and then there’s an issue with the quality of the Snaps included.

All-in-all, the feature could provide a pretty good way to get the feel of the key moments at audio-centric events but, due to its reliance on people taking Snaps at the same time from different areas of the crowd, it may not always work very well.

Crowd Surf was first put to the test this weekend during Lorde’s performance at Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival in San Francisco.

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