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Snapchat introduces joint Stories feature for collaborative fun

Tyrone Stewart

Snapchat custom StoriesSnapchat has introduced a new way to create Stories, meaning users can now create them in collaboration with friends and family.

With custom Stories, users can invite a specific list of friends, or use a geofence to invite friends of friends by location, to contribute to a topical Story.

To access the new feature, users tap the ‘create Story’ (+) icon in the top right corner of the Stories page. From here, they name their story and send out their invitations. The option to submit Snaps to the Story will appear underneath ‘My Story’ in their list.

As with traditional Stories, the Story will appear on the Stories page and disappear if no one has contributed in the past 24 hours.

Snapchatters are able to contribute to an unlimited number of Stories at any time, but can only be the creator for three custom stories at a time.

“With custom Stories, Snapchatters can create a Story in collaboration with friends and family – perfect for a trip, a birthday party, or those new baby Snaps for family members across the country. Make a Story for anything,” said Snapchat.

Along with the introduction of custom Stories, Snapchatters who have linked to and created a Bitmoji in Snapchat will now see theirs appear inside their Snapcode.