Snapchat launches AR ‘Dune: Part Two’ campaign in partnership with Warner Bros

Snapchat has teamed up with Warner Bros to launch an AR lens, ahead of the release of ‘Dune: Part Two’.

The new Lens allows users to become Fremen, a fictional group of people in the Dune universe, and ride a sandworm from the movie to create an authentic virtual experience.

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It is now live in the US and Canada and will be released in other international markets including England, Europe, Australia, Brazil, and Mexico later this month.

Alongside the Lens, the pair have created custom Cameo stickers that allow users to decorate their posts with themes and imagery from the new film.

Meanwhile, the movie giant will also run video ads for the film on the platform, directing users to its official site where they can purchase tickets. As a result, the partnership allows the company to tap into Snapchat’s large user base, which has now reached 414 million daily active users. 

Snapchat UK Business Solutions Director, Fintan Gillespie recently told Mobile Marketing Magazine: “AR gives consumers an immersive experience, and it offers a richer form of consumer engagement for advertisers. Video is a great way of reaching consumers but having your target audience play with a branded Lens is next level.

“We’re known as leaders in AR and we help a huge number of our customers reach their target audience through creative and engaging experiences that get people actively interacting with ads to drive business results, which has been game-changing for our brand partners.”