Snapchat integrates Nielsen audience segments for improved targeting

Nielsen is bringing its premium audience segments to Snapchats ad buying platform, providing advertisers and agencies with the ability to buy inventory on Snapchat through Nielsens Marketing Cloud platform, using its branded segments.

The offering will enable clients to access audience data cross more than 30,000 segments including Nielsen Buyer Insights and Nielsen Catalina Solutions, which are based on offline purchase data. The integration is the latest move by Snapchat in its efforts to make itself more appealing to marketers, and open up its advertising platform to third-party software.

Snapchats integration will additional enable Nielsen Marketing Cloud DMP clients to take advantage of their own first-party data segments and target them directly on Snapchats platform. Snapchat already uses Nielsens measurement solutions across reach, resonance and reaction KPIs, and will now have the ability to align activation segments with ROI measurement solutions.

“Discovering the audiences that drive engagement and offline sales has never been more critical for marketers, and were excited to continue our work with Snapchat across both our premium audience segment and measurement solutions,” said Jessica Hogue, senior vice president of digital solutions at Nielsen. “This integration with Snapchat will allow partners to plan, activate and analyse marketing initiatives by accessing the highest quality audience data in the marketing underpinned by Nielsen.”

Snapchat and Nielsen have worked together since 2014, when Snapchat adopted the firms digital ad ratings. In addition to offering third-party data from the Nielsen Marketing Cloud, Snapchat enables buyers and sellers to use Nielsen audience segments to continue demonstrating the sales lift from campaigns running through Snapchat across categories including FMCG, retail, automotive, travel and finance.

Snapchat already has a similar deal in place with Oracle, but the addition of Nielsen to its targeting capabilities makes the photo messaging app a much more attractive prospect for marketers, especially at a time when Facebook is closing off several third-party integrations.