Snap announces automatically created Dynamic Ads

Today, Snap has announced Dynamic Ads, which will allow campaigns to automatically bring hundreds of thousands of products to Snapchat users, based on their interests and in real-time. Starting now, advertisers can pick from an array of templates that will be exposed to users during an open beta test period. Campaigns will launch in about one or two weeks, but will only reach US Snapchat users, despite being available to advertisers globally. In the coming months, more global users will be able to be targeted.

Snapchat said the new Dynamic Ads feature will benefit retail, eCommerce, and DTC brands the most, by helping drive a higher ROI. The templates included in the beta testing are all made-for-mobile and allow the ads to adjust product details in real-time, such as price and availability.

Snapchat has become a go-to destination to reach the largest and most economically influential generations in history, Millennials and Gen Z. Snapchat Dynamic Ads now allow brands to create real-time optimized mobile ads quickly and at scale, with products showcased in visually-appealing templates that feel native to the app. More than 75 per cent of the 13-34 year-old US population is active on Snapchat, and daily Snapchat users open the app over 20 times each day, offering brands major opportunities to reach the right person with the right message at the right time,” commented Kathleen Gambarelli, group product marketing manager, Snapchat.

“In the past month, we jumped on the opportunity to test Snap’s Dynamic Ads for our US based reengagement efforts and have seen exciting early results. While we previously found success with Snap Ads, we loved the idea of combining personalized creative with promotional messaging to drive purchases. At this time, we are seeing our Dynamic Ads campaign drive a 66 per cent decrease in Cost Per Purchase and a 171 per cent increase in ROAS compared to similar product-focused campaigns running in the US,” said Kim Zorn, digital marketing manager at Princess Polly Clothing.