Snapchat is launching its own gaming platform

After months of keeping the project under wraps, Snap Inc. is announcing its rumored gaming platform in April, according to Cheddar. Snap Inc., which codenamed the platform “Project Cognac”, has partnered with third-party game developers to create games specifically designed for Snapchat’s layout.

An undisclosed source stated “Project Cognac” is going to be made public at Snap’s inaugural summit focused on content and developer partners, taking place in Los Angeles on April 4. The source also said that Snap will announce its plan to release more original video content such as exclusive shows.

Snap has already been taking steps to become a more gaming-focused app. Last year, Snap bought Prettygreat, a small Australian gaming studio, for $8.6m. According to CNET, Snap has invested an unknown amount into Prettygreat, who currently employees the developer behind hit games like “Fruit Ninja” and “Jetpack Joyride”.

Around the same time Snap acquired Prettygreat, the company also purchased PlayCanvas, a web-based game engine startup. The Information first broke the news of Snap’s gaming platform intentions in early 2018, but since then the project has only been rumored with little information surfacing. Since Cheddar’s report was released, Snap’s shares have risen almost 3 per cent.