Snapchat is planning changes to attract more users and ad dollars

SnapchatSnapchat is looking to make changes to its offerings this year in a bid to improve on the company’s less-than-desirable ad revenue to date.

One such change that could be on the way is the introduction of a new product called ‘Stories Everywhere’. The product, which was first reported by Cheddar, would make Snapchat Stories available outside of its app for the first time.

Stories Everywhere – which is currently in early development – would be similar to the move that Twitter made back in 2011, when it started making tweets available to be embedded on other sites. It would work as a way for Snap to promote the app to a wider audience across the internet with the hopes of solving its stagnant user growth.

On top of those plans, according to Ad Age, Snapchat is also looking at the idea of forcing its users to sit through three seconds of an ad before giving them the option to skip. The introduction of the delayed skip button would work very much in the same manner as YouTube’s skippable ad feature, where users have to watch five seconds before being given the option to proceed to the video.

The move is an interesting one, as Snap CEO Evan Spiegel has long been against forcing users into watching ads. The issue is that, apparently, many users currently skip ads within a second, and this is an unattractive prospect for brands. With the introduction of three-second skippable ads, brands would be more interested in advertising on the platform.