Snapchat is teaming up with university newspapers for campus Stories on Discover

Snapchat DiscoverSnapchat has confirmed that it is working with US colleges and universities to produce campus editions for its Discover section, as was first revealed last month.

The image messaging app is partnering with dozens of colleges and universities, including Berkeley, Texas A&M, Syracuse, and The University of Wisconsin-Madison, to have their campus newspapers begin producing weekly local Publisher Stories on the platform. Snap had previously been testing the campus Publisher Stories with newspapers from UCLA, Stanford, the University of Washington and Dartmouth.

The university newspapers will join the likes of BuzzFeed, The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and Vice in producing content for the app’s dedicated publisher section. However, this is the first time Snap has worked with smaller publishers to create hyper-localised versions of Discover Stories.

Stories uploaded by the student editorial teams will feature Snap Ads enabling each college and university to monetise their content and grow through a revenue-sharing agreement with Snap.