Snapchat debuts TikTok rival alongside the lure of $1m

Snapchat has put its name into the hat of TikTok challengers with the debut of its version of the short-form video app.

The app’s new Spotlight section puts the ‘spotlight’ on creative videos from users in a stream of publicly submitted posts, which resembles TikTok and Instagram’s rival Reels. Unlike other platforms, Snapchat’s feature doesn’t allow for comments or the ability to remix other people’s posts. Videos within Spotlight also appear without a name or profile handle, unless the video creator has a public profile.

Snapchat is hoping to reel in creators with the opportunity to earn a share of $1m every day until at least the end of the year. Creators with the highest total number of unique video views each day will be in the mix for a share of the money. Snap ensures that it will monitor for fraud.

Spotlight is now available in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and France, with more countries added ‘soon’.