Snapchat Lets Users Send Custom Emoji with Bitmoji

Bitmoji SnapchatSnapchat has introduced Bitmojis personalised emoji stickers to its messaging app, building on its acquisition of developer Bitstrips in March, which reportedly set it back around $100m.

The Bitmoji app enables users to create an avatar which can be used to create customised comic strips – and now, by linking up to their Snapchat account, to send stickers featuring a cartoon version of their own face in a pre-set pose to friends in chat or overlaid onto photos. If the recipient has also linked their account, theyre also able to send a friendmoji sticker featuring both avatars.

Its not clear yet whether Snapchat has any plans to monetise the stickers, either by selling them to users or offering sponsored packs, but its presumably hoping to cash in on the Bitstrips acquisition somehow.

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