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Snapchat launches new location targeting features

Tyrone Stewart

Snapchat location targetingSnapchat has added a pair of new location targeting features for advertisers within a new location Ads Manager toolbar, providing more options when hoping to target a specific type of person through Snap Ads.

With radius targeting, advertisers are able to target Snap Ads and filters around a specific point – such as a retail store, university, restaurant, airport, or concert. The option can be used by both large and small businesses around the world from today.

The second feature is called ‘Location Categories’, which enables advertisers to reach audiences based on the type of location they’re in. Categories include cinemas, colleges & universities, stadiums & arenas, restaurants, hair salons, and more. This option is currently only available in the US but will make its way to the UK ‘soon’.

Both of the offerings can be accessed in the self-serve Ads Manager via the new location search bar, which is said to centralise location targeting and allow spontaneous searches.