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Snapchat adds multiple Snap and colour changing features

Tyrone Stewart

Snapchat Multi-Snap Tint BrushSnapchat has rolled out a couple of new features – one enabling users to record multiple Snaps consecutively, and another providing a way for Snapchatters to add different colours to objects in Snaps.

With the Multi-Snap feature, users are able to record up to six consecutive 10-second Snaps at once. The feature comes into play when Snapchatters continuously hold the capture button, meaning they can record up to one minute of action without having to remove their finger from the button. Each Snap is separate and users can choose which, if any, to delete. The feature is rolling out to iOS around the world first before arriving on Android ‘soon’.

The Tint Brush enables users to select any part of their Snap, by tracing an object or area, and change the ‘tint’ to any colour of the table. The feature is accessed by tapping the scissors in the Vertical Toolkit. This feature, unlike Multi-Snap, is rolling out to Snapchatters on both iOS and Android.