Snapchat on the Hunt for Ad Tech Acquisition?

Snapchat-Selfie.jpgSnapchat is reportedly investigating possible acquisitions in the ad tech space, as it looks to improve and scale up its offering to advertisers.

According to Recode, the messaging app company has been in talks with various ad tech startups over the past six months, including RTB bidder-as-a-service firm Beeswax and programmatic intelligence platform Metamarkets.

Snapchat first launched ads on its app in late 2014, and has since cycled between various offerings, from sponsored filters to more traditional ads on its Discover news content in an effort to find the perfect solution to monetise its 100-200m-strong userbase.

The most recent development in this ongoing story was the news that Snapchat is working on an API that would automate the process of buying its ads, helping it increase the scale of its operations.