Snapchat Opens Up, Moving Away from Brands-only Advertising?

snapchat phoneSnapchat is reportedly planning to open up its app install ad offering, moving away from its brand-focused ad strategy for the first time.

The messaging app introduced its first app-install ads earlier this year, but kept them limited to direct sales. According to AdAge, however, Snapchat is now in talks with direct response specialists.

Snapchat has confirmed that it is testing support for app install ads in its API, but didnt provide any further details. The plan is reportedly to open up its ads API – launched in June but again limited to select partners, with a focus on brand advertising – to direct response advertisers in the first half of next year.


It is also working on a self-serve ad product, making it easier to set up Snapchat campaigns and cutting out the need to involve its sales team or a middleman.

This is a big change from Snapchats approach to advertising in the past, which has focused on selling its ad inventory directly to premium advertisers. However, with app install ads making up 25 per cent of US mobile ad revenues in 2015, according to a Business Insider report, the messaging app needs to expand if its hoping to compete with the likes of Facebook.

Whether this means Snapchats users will be faced with a flood of lower-quality ads next year – and whether theyd be willing to stick around if so – remains to be seen.