Snapchat expands in-app parental tools

Snapchat has rolled out new updates to its parental control and supervision tools.

As a result, the tool will now make it easier for parents to monitor their kids’ exposure levels on the social media platform.

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This includes having the option to view their teens’ Story settings, and contact settings and f their teen is sharing their location with friends on the Snap Map.

Parents will also now be able to restrict the ability of My AI, the app’s AI-powered chatbot, to respond to messages from their child.

This feature builds on the safeguards already built into the feature, which include protections against inappropriate or harmful responses, temporary usage restrictions if users repeatedly misuse the service, and age awareness.

Snapchat Head of Policy UK & Ireland, Sanjit Gill told Mobile Marketing Magazine: “We want to support parents in helping to ensure their teens have a safe and positive experience on Snapchat.

“Our expanded Family Centre features will give parents more visibility over their teens’ Snapchat experience. Parents can now view their teens’ safety and privacy settings and restrict the ability for My AI to respond to chats from their teens.”

She added: “As we continue to work with parents and online safety experts to strengthen our tools and online resources, we hope these features will also act as a conversation starter for parents to have regular, open and honest conversations with their teens about how to stay safe online.”