Snapchat partners with Ticketmaster for in-app events discovery and ticket sales

Snapchat and Ticketmaster have launched a new way to discover upcoming live entertainment events within the Snapchat app. It uses a Map Layer and in-app Ticketmaster Mini utility that matches Snapchatters with events they might like based on their indicated preferences, and also allows them to swipe left and right on upcoming shows, and discover events nearby.

To get started, users launch the Ticketmaster Mini through the Rocket Icon in Chat. There, they will be served a brief survey to gauge their tastes. Then, they will be shown suggested upcoming shows based on their preferences and can swipe left and right to browse.

Once someone has found something they like, they can see if their Snapchat friends have matched with the same event as well and kick off a conversation through the Snapchat Camera straight from the Mini. 

They can also invite their Snapchat Friends and start a guest list right away via chat or post directly to their story to express their interest, all without leaving the app. If they want to buy tickets, they will be directed to checkout on

Users will also be able to browse upcoming events at venues nearby through a new Layer on Snap Map, a feature that reaches more than 250m Snapchatters each month. This is the first time Snap has integrated a partner to Snap Map through its new Layers technology.