Snapchat pens deal with MGM to produce shows on Discover

Snap has struck a deal with MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) Television to develop and produce shows for Snapchat’s Discover platform. The entertainment studio deal adds to the list of deals Snap already has with a host of TV networks.

Snapchat Shows features original programming shot vertically for mobile. Each Show lasts between four and five minutes. Snap says they are developing shows for ‘a wide range of formats, including documentaries, reality TV, scripted and unscripted, comedies and dramas’.

“The team at Snap is thinking about mobile TV differently than anyone else in this space.  They are innovators, and it presents us with a unique opportunity to flex our development and production muscle in a whole new way.” said Barry Poznick, president of unscripted television MGM. “We are excited to create content for their vast and hard to reach audience that consumes entertainment in a very specific fashion.”

Recently, Snap has agreed deals with NBC, ESPN, the NFL, Turner, ABC, the BBC, A+E Networks and Discovery Networks to produce shows on its platform. Meanwhile, MGM has come to an agreement with Junkin Media to produce programs featuring user-generated video content. In addition, MGM is beginning the production of a music competition on Fox, where teams square off against the Shazam app in a test of music knowledge.