Snapchat Planning Sponsored Selfies

Snapchat-Selfie.jpgSnapchat is planning to enable brands to advertise in its users’ selfies, according to a report in the FT.

The messaging app will sell sponsored “lenses” to advertisers at a rate card price of up to $750,000 (£495,000) to reach the entire Snapchat user base on a peak day, such as Thanksgiving or Halloween, or $450,000 on a non-peak day.

The report also says that Snapchat is on target to generate $100m in revenues this year, with some brands already making $10m commitments for next year, according to a “person familiar with the matter”.

Lenses made their debut on Snapchat last month last month, enabling users to animate images with graphics and filters and rewards for users for completing creative tasks within the app. Also last month, Snapchat introduced its first paid-for service, with a function that enables users to make their favourite messages reappear for $0.99. Snapchat had previously allowed users to replay one message per day for free.