Snapchat prepares to launch self-serve platform for Snap Ads

Snapchat is allegedly planning to launch a self-serve platform for its full-screen vertical video Snap Ads product in the coming weeks.

According to Digiday, the platform is expected to be released alongside IAB’s Newfronts conference on 1 May.  

Currently, media buyers are able to use third-party partner technology to manage their Snap Ad buys in-house. The introduction of Snapchat’s own self-serve platform, as it introduced for geofilters back in December, would be the natural progression for the image messaging app. Until October last year, buyers were only able to purchase ads by placing an order with a Snapchat ads partner who would manage and execute the buy for them.

“A version of the self-serve platform already exists, but you still have to go through a third party, which charges more fees and is restrictive,” an anonymous executive told Digiday. “Snapchat’s own native tool would reduce friction since we would no longer have to go through a partner.”

Earlier this month, Snapchat introduced the ability to target app install ads at the users most likely to install apps, as well as the ability to retarget users that have previously interacted with ads, as it looked to claw into Facebook’s ad revenues.