Snapchat provides UK marketers with new tools

Tim Maytom

Snap has announced a partnership with Acxiom-owned omnichannel identity firm LiveRamp that will provide UK marketers with a new measurement solution. The announcement comes as the firm also brings its Marketing Mix Modelling tool to UK advertisers.

The partnership with LiveRamp will see the firm behind Snapchat introduce a new measurement solution called Offline Sales Impact (OSI), aimed at enabling brands to measure the impact of the campaigns on offline sales. The solution will match Snapchat users with one of the UK's largest supermarket loyalty schemes, enabling marketers to measure sales uplift and providing key insights into campaign ROI.

"Adding the Offline Sales Impact solution adds another dimension to the way we can help brands evaluate their impact on Snapchat," said Andy Pang, international head of measurement at Snapchat. "We've always known Snapchat has a differentiated audience, and with OSI we can clearly demonstrate how Snapchat introduces new customers and value to a brand."

The partnership follows a successful beta trial where the new OSI solution was used on a number of test campaigns for brands including Oreo & Cadbury Countlines, and saw Snapchat resulting in an average sales uplift of four per cent.

"We are delighted to be partnering with Snap on this innovative measurement solution," said Richard Foster, UK managing director at LiveRamp. "LiveRamp empowers brands to run people-based marketing campaigns at scale, and this solution gives them the granular detail they need to measure the true effectiveness of Snap as an integral platform in their marketing stack."

Alongside the OSI solution, brands in Europe will now be able to measure the impact of their Snapchat campaigns alongside other marketing channels including TV, radio, print and digital thanks to the introduction of the firm's Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) partner program to the continent.

First introduced in the US in July 2017, the MMM program is a result of partnerships with measurement firms including Kantar, Nielsen, Analytic Partners, Neustar and Marketing Management Analytics. The expansion to Europe also adds Ebiquity, Ekimetrics, Nepa, Dentsu Aegis' D2D and Publicis' Ninah to the list of partners.

"Snapchat ad products are not only unique, but they are driven by the same innovation that drives our consumer products which is great for clients and advertising partners," said Pang. "Understanding their impact on product sales therefore requires a deeper understanding of our advertising solutions, the campaign delivery information we provide and how to work with us to generate deeper learnings. The MMM partner program that we are launching internationally allows this to happen for more clients and partners across the EMEA region."

In the US, the MMM program has helped demonstrate Snapchat acts as great complement to broader media campaigns for brands, with evidence showing that Snapchat can add a further eight per cent incremental reach beyond that of TV, with just 1/25th of the spending.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with one of the most innovative and evolving social platforms," said Richard Woodward, international effectiveness business director at Ebiquity. "Our clients are constantly trying to find new ways to encourage customers and potential customers to engage with their brands. This relationship provides our Snapchat advertising clients with the confidence that the best data is combined with in-depth knowledge of the platform to measure those impacts on their business."