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Snapchat's major overhaul is set to arrive next month

Tyrone Stewart

SnapchatSnapchat’s parent company Snap reported a loss of $443m for the second quarter running a few days ago, leading to CEO Evan Spiegel suggesting that Snapchat would be revamped in order to make it more appealing to new users. Now, the plans for the major update have been revealed.

According to Business Insider, citing a source familiar with the matter, Snapchat’s transformation will be debuted on 4 December.

The redesigned app will still open to the camera, but will no longer separate message threads between friends to the left of the camera and their shared Stories to the right of the camera. Instead, all friend-based communication, including Stories, will appear to the left – Beyoncé will be so proud.

Meanwhile, the right of the camera will feature Our Stories – the app’s curated selection of Snaps related to ongoing events like concerts and sports games – and content from Snapchat’s publishing partners such the New York Times, BuzzFeed, CNN, Vice, and more. This section will also feature Stories from verified celebrities.

Snap will reportedly use algorithms in order to personalise the feed of videos to the rights of camera, displaying Spiegel’s desire to provide “a truly personal experience” on a “great personalised content service,” as he mentioned on the earnings call following the company’s reported loss.

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