Snapchat launches mini third-party apps

Snapchat has launched a way for developers to build utility experiences within the app that integrate with conversations.

Snap Minis, first announced at the Snap Partner Summit last month, have been designed to enable faster coordination between friends and can be accessed through chat or search. The first four Minis rolled out are Headspace, Let’s Do It, Prediction Master, and Flashcards.

Headspace Mini enables Snapchatters to take short meditation activities and send encouraging messages to their friends. Let’s Do It help groups of friends make decisions. Prediction Master enables friends to test each other’s knowledge of what may happen in the future. And Flashcards enable Snapchatters to create flashcard decks.

For developers, Minis are HTML5, meaning they’re easy to build for both Android and iOS. Furthermore, Minis have the potential of reaching Snapchat’s audience of over 229m daily users due to plugging directly into the existing Snapchat audience around the world.

Headspace, Let’s Do It, Prediction Master, and Flashcards have been rolled out globally.